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The following visiting rules will apply:

You must be on the inmate’s visitors list. This has to filled out by the inmate and approved. It normally takes 3-5 days after the commitment date. The inmate is responsible for filling out the list and contacting his/her family members by letter or phone to let you know you are on the list.

Normal visit rules and regulations return July 12, 2021. The Visitation week is defined as Saturday thru Wednesday. Inmates are permitted three (3) one hour visits per week. There is a maximum of three (3) visitors per visit. Visitors must show a valid state photo ID, driver’s license, or federal photo ID. Visitors must be 18 years of age. A parent or legal guardian must accompany anyone under 18, and provide documentation stating such.(ex. birth certificate).  Unvaccinated Visitor's must wear a face mask at all times.  (The visitor's face mask will not be provided by the facility).

Passing of contraband is strictly prohibited. Persons caught passing any article to a prisoner or concealing contraband will immediately be removed and prohibited from future visits. Criminal charges will also be brought against the visitor and the prisoner.

All visitors are subject to a strip search upon request.

All personal belongings must be left in your automobiles while visiting or put in the lockers before entering the visiting room.

No visitor will be permitted to enter the visiting room unless properly dressed. Shirts and shoes are required. Shorts that reveal too much, mini-skirts, halter tops or any revealing clothing are not permitted.

Switching booths or going to any other area will result in the visit being terminated.

All visits will end promptly at the designated time. If the allotted hour is not used up, the visitor is still required to leave. The visitor may not return later that day or during the week to complete the visit.

You may pick up a copy of the Visiting Regulations at the front desk as you come in to visit.

Visitors must register 10 minutes prior to the scheduled visit time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Visiting Times:  A Unit: Monday 5-6:00PM; B,C,G Unit's: Monday 3-5:00PM, Tuesday 10AM-12PM, Wednesday 8-10AM, Saturday 6-8PM; Sunday 8-10PM; D Unit:  Monday 10AM-12PM, Tuesday 6-8:00PM, Wednesday 3-5:00PM, Saturday 1-3:00PM; Sunday 10AM-12PM; E Unit:  Monday 1-3:00PM, Tuesday 8-10:00AM, Wednesday 6-8:00PM, Saturday 3-5:00PM, Sunday 1-3:00PM; H and J Unit:  Monday 8-10:00AM, Tuesday 8-10:00PM, Wednesday 10AM-12:00PM, Saturday 8-10:00PM, Sunday 3-5:00PM; F and I Unit:  Monday 8-10PM, Tuesday 3-5:00PM, Wednesday 1-3:00PM; Saturday 10AM-12PM; Sunday 8-10:00AM; K Unit:  Monday 6-8:00PM, Tuesday 1-3:00PM, Wednesday 8-10:00PM, Saturday 8-10:00AM, Sunday 6-8:00PM; K Unit Protective Custody:  Monday 12-1:00PM, Sunday 5-6:00PM; K Unit RHU Inmates: Saturday 5-6:00PM; Protective Custody: Tuesday 5-6:00PM; Wednesday 5-6:00PM; Saturday 12-1:00PM

FAQs about visits:

Q. Can I leave money for the inmate when I come in to visit?


Money can be placed on an inmates account in the following manners:

Online: https://deposits.jailatm.com/webdeposits/default.aspx
         Lobby Kiosk: Deposit kiosk located at the Blair County Prison.
         Kiosk accepts Cash ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100 bills)
         Credit/Debit Cards (MasterCard and Visa brand)

         Money Orders are no longer accepted effective 11/25/19

Q. Can I bring clothes in for the inmate during visits?


Only “Court Clothes” are permitted to be brought in for inmates and it is the inmate’s responsibility to properly request these items prior to them being brought in. “Court Clothes” are only permitted when they are going to court to select a jury or for a jury trial.

Q. How many visitors can visit at one time?

A. Maximum of three (3) visitors are permitted, combination of adults and children.

Q. How long will the visit last?

A. The visits are one (1) hour in length, unless the visitor leaves the visiting room then the visit is concluded.

Q. How should I dress for the visit?

A. Visitors must dress appropriately. (No halter tops, half shirts, and or tube tops, see-through blouses, mini shirts, etc.) Any visitor not dressed appropriately will be turned away and not be able to visit.



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