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Inmate Mail

Effectively immediately Inmate book deliveries are limited to two per week

Letters will be opened and checked for contraband. Any letters containing contraband will be confiscated and returned to sender. Legal mail will be opened in the inmate's presence.

Only money orders will be accepted through the mail. (Please note that Beginning on Monday November 25, 2019, we will no longer accept Money Orders. All money to be added to inmate accounts must be added through Jail ATM.  (Please See the Inmate Services Tab for info on the Jail ATM).

No personal checks or cash will be received through the mail. They will be returned to the sender.
Packages are not permitted.
Mail received postage due, or COD will not be accepted.
All books, magazines and newspapers must be sent directly from the publisher.
Correspondence with inmates housed in other institutions is prohibited without written pre-approval from the Wardens of both institutions. The approval is granted by request to Inmate Services.
Any illegal substance will be sent to the local authorities for prosecution.
All incoming mail must have a complete return address. Mail that does not meet this criteria will be returned to the Post Office.

Letters sent to inmates will be addressed as follows:

Beginning Dec 2, 2019

Personal mail for inmates must be sent to:  Inmate Name, Inmate Number; Blair County Prison; PO Box 247; Phoenix, MD 21131

Privileged Mail and Publications will still be sent to:  Inmate Name, Inmate Number; Blair County Prison 419 Market Square Alley; Hollidaysburg, PA  16648



419 Market Square Alley
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

Phone: 814-693-3155

Fax: 814-695-0101