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Inmate Services

Inmate Accounts

If an individual wishes to deposit money on behalf of an inmate, he/she may do so by using the services offered through JailATM.

What is JailATM?

JailATM is a deposit service for you to add money to an inmate’s trust fund account and/or your prepaid telephone account. With several different deposit methods available, JailATM is the quickest and most convenient option to fund your loved ones account. Purchasing money orders, mailing deposits and waiting several business days for the funds to post are now eliminated with JailATM.

There are 3 Easy Ways to Use JailATM:


Inmate telephones are provided through Encartele.


Commissary is available for inmates' purchases. You can send the inmate a money order to be put on their account to purchase commissary.

Legal Representation

The Blair County Prison is served by the office the Public Defender. To contact the office, the inmate must submit a written request to the Public Defender's office. Each inmate has access to the Law Library while incarcerated.

Notary Services

There is a Notary Service available for legal documents. A gentleman by the name of Matt Smyser provides notary services, it is the inmate or his/her families responsibility to contact him for his services, the prison does not arrange these services.  Mr. Smyser's phone number is 814-942-8338.

Religious Services

Religious services are available upon request. Any inquiries should be addressed to the Deputy Warden Jay Whitesel
814-693-3155 ext 4204.

Inmate Programs

The Inmate Services Department offers a variety of educational, vocational, and counseling programs. Admission to a program must go through the counselors. Inmates have the ability to request participation in these programs through the KIOSK on the unit.  Program admission is determined by need, eligibility and security assessments. 

Tobacco Policy

Blair County Prison is a tobacco free institution. Any inmate found to be in possession of tobacco products and/or accessories will be subject to disciplinary action. Any individual caught bringing tobacco items/contraband into the institution will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Every new inmate incarcerated will under-go a 48 hour quarantine. Inmate Medical Services are provided by PRIMECARE Medical. 

Medical Services

Medical care shall be routinely and consistently provided to all inmates regardless of their financial standing. At no time shall Medical Staff deny treatment of an inmate due to indigent status or unavailability of sufficient funds to pay for the service. All inmates will be charged a fee for medical care that is provided to them, where applicable.

Inmate Co-Pay for Medical Care

To request to be seen by the Medical Staff, a written request needs to be sent to the Medical Department. The inmate will then be seen by the nurse and be charged for the visit. If the nurse determines that the inmate needs to see the Doctor, he/she will refer the inmate to the doctor.

There are certain exceptions that will result in the inmate not being charged a co-pay for service:

*Initial commitment, psychiatric and/or emergency screening.
*Initial treatment for chronic illness (i.e. diabetes, hypertension, asthma, or HIV related illnesses).
*Follow-up treatments deemed necessary.
*Emergency services, as determined by the Medical Department Supervisor or designee, (all accidents may not qualify as emergencies).

Nurse/Doctor co-pay incurred during the immediate medical care of self-inflicted/induced emergencies shall be the financial responsibility of the inmate.

There will be no charge for prescription medication ordered by the facility Doctor.

The co-pay schedule is as follows:

Nurse visit -- $3.00
Doctor visit -- $5.00 (only if not medically referred)

Over the Counter Medication

Information relative to over-the-counter medications available in the commissary is posted on the bulletin board located in each housing unit.

Work Release Program

The Blair County Prison presently operates a selective, yet progressive work release program. Through this program, an inmate is permitted to leave the prison to engage in gainful employment in the community. The inmate returns to the prison immediately following completion of work and subsequently remains there during all non-working hours. In addition to the rehabilitative benefits derived from participation in the work release program, the inmate involved is able to assume his/her financial responsibilities, such as court costs, support, payment for room and board and other legitimate debts. It is through the work release program that the inmate thus begins the readjustment to the demanding responsibilities of community life. 



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