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FAQs for Both Offices:

What are the office hours for the Blair County Register and Recorder's Office?

The office is open to the public weekdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm. The recording/filing desk closes at 3:45pm. There are no weekend or evening hours; however, we are open during the noon hour. Also, our records are on-line at www.landex.com.

How far back are the earliest records?

Blair County was formed out of Huntingdon and Bedford Counties in 1846, thus the records begin in the year 1846.

Can anyone look at the documents recorded in both offices?

Yes, all documents recorded in the office are public records and can be viewed during regular business hours. The only exception to this is the Military Discharge Records which are impounded.

Can I obtain information over the phone?

Yes, depending on how busy the office is at any particular time, GENERAL information is given over the phone. If more detailed information is needed it is suggested that you come into the office or retain a Title Examiner or Attorney to provide the information to you. Office employees are NOT permitted to perform searches or give legal advice.

FAQs for the Recorder of Deeds Office:

How can I obtain a copy of my deed?

Our records are on line at www.landex.com or you may come into the office during regular business hours and obtain a copy from the records. If you do not have the reference, a staff member will assist you in finding the reference and photocopying the document for you. The charge is 25 cents a page. If you do not have the reference, a staff member will assist you in finding the reference and photocopying the document for you. The charge is 25 cents a page.

If you request a copy by mail, email or fax (please include the full name, location of the property, and year of purchase) the cost is $1.00 per page and a self addressed stamped envelope must accompany the request. Copies may be certified for an additional cost of $2.00.

Can a lost or destroyed deed be replaced?

Yes, a certified copy of the deed from the Recorder of Deeds Office may replace a lost or destroyed deed.

How do I change my deed?

Once a document is recorded it becomes part of the permanent record and cannot be changed. If you need to change, add or delete a name from a deed, a new deed must be recorded. Your attorney can prepare a new deed for you.

Are the employees of the Recorder's Office permitted to prepare new deeds?

Employees are not permitted to prepare deeds. It is best to have a person with legal expertise, such as an attorney, prepare a new deed for it to be legally correct.

If a husband or wife dies, how is the name removed from the deed?

Generally, it is not necessary to remove the name from the deed if the property was held as tenants by the entireties (husband and wife). If the property is subsequently sold or mortgaged, the new deed will contain an explanation stating the date of death of the spouse. You should consult with your attorney to determine if any change to your deed is necessary in your particular situation.

FAQs for the Register of Wills Office:

After a person dies, must an estate be opened?

This depends upon whether or not assets exist that need to be probated. Contact your attorney or an Estate Attorney to help in making that decision.

Does the Register of Wills office prepare inheritance tax returns?

The Register of Wills is simply a collection agent for the Department of Revenue and we do not prepare Inheritance Tax Returns. If you have an attorney helping you with the estate he/she will prepare the return for you. Otherwise, questions of that type should be directed to the Department of Revenue Customer Service at            717-787-8327. 

How many copies of the inheritance tax return need to be filed?

Two and the filing fee is $20.00. The Register of Wills keeps one copy and the other is sent to the Department of Revenue in Harrisburg.

NOTE: If An Inheritance Tax payment is being made please make check payable to REGISTER OF WILLS, AGENT.

If additional assets are reported, is there an additional charge?

Yes. The charge is based on the amount of assets. Please phone the office for details.



Blair County Courthouse
423 Allegheny Street
Suite 145
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

(814) 693-3095


Monday - Friday 8am-4pm, EST
Except Legal Holidays
We remain open over lunch.
Recording/filing desk closes at 3:45pm.


SAVE TIME. SAVE POSTAGE. SAVE CHECKS. Documents are accepted for recording electronically through Simplifile.com or CSC at eRecording.com or ePN at www.GOePN.com. Contact vendors for more information about electronic recording.

To search records online click here: Landex