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Dress Guidelines


When representing County of Blair, employees are expected to present an appearance that is consistent with the work performed or professional standards. It is important for County to maintain a professional image, so please consult the daily office schedule of appointments to determine if business, business casual, or casual dress is appropriate for the day.

Most offices within the Courthouse are approved for casual dress on Fridays. A number of offices outside the Courthouse are more casual on a daily basis or provide employees with logoed t-shirts to serve as a uniform.

Check with your department head to be certain what is and is not acceptable if the particular item does not appear below.

A good rule of thumb to remember: If in doubt as to whether the item(s) is appropriate, change.


Acceptable = One or two earrings per lobe; one piercing in ear cartilage; watch; wrist or ankle bracelet(s); necklace(s); solid-color hat; scarf; poncho, ruana, wrap

Unacceptable = More than one piercing in ear cartilage; facial piercings; nose piercings; tongue piercings; excessive or overbearing cologne or perfume; hat with offensive messages, offensive images, or advertising; visible tattoos of offensive messages or images


Acceptable = Khakis or other casual twill pants; cropped -, capri-, or ankle-length pants in twill, cotton, polyester, microfiber, or a substantial knit fabric

Unacceptable = Denim unless a member of Office Services Department or Public Works Department; pedal pushers; sweatpants; wind pants; zip-off pants; yoga pants; spandex of any length; shorts of any length; midriff-revealing, torn, holed, stained


Acceptable = Blouses with short or long sleeves or sleeveless; knit polo t-shirts; turtlenecks; shirts with collars; solid-color, striped, or patterned t-shirts

Unacceptable = Casual t-shirts with graphic designs, advertising, or messages; spaghetti-string tops; tube tops; sun dresses without an over-shirt or shrug


Acceptable = Closed-toe slip-ons or lace-ups; clogs; pumps; wedge sandals, sandals where there is more shoe than foot showing; boat/deck shoes; boots; sneakers so long as clean, without tears and stains

Unacceptable = flip flops, thong sandals of any height or strapping; jelly shoes; slippers


Acceptable = Culottes; denim, casual twill, corduroy, cotton, wool, polyester, microfiber, or a substantial knit fabric that is no shorter than at the wearer’s fingertip length with their arms down at their side when standing

Unacceptable = Skorts; spandex or any other overly-tight or overly-revealing fabric; any skirt that is shorter than at the wearer’s fingertip length with their arms down at their side when standing



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