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Victim Services

Victim Services

Victim Services


In 1995, the Pennsylvania Legislature Changed the mission of the Juvenile court with the passage of ACT33, amending the Juvenile Act with a new purpose clause:

"Consistent with the protection of the public interest, to provide for children committing delinquent acts programs of supervision, care and rehabilitation which provide balanced attention to the protection of the community, the imposition of accountability for offenses committed and the development of competencies to enable the children to become responsible and productive members of the community." (42Pa.C.S.6301)

Victim Rights 

  • Right to receive basic information concerning the services available
  • To be notified of certain significant actions and proceedings within the juvenile justice system including notification of detainment, release, commitment to facility or escape from a facility, home passes, review hearings, and termination from supervision
  • To be accompanied at all juvenile proceedings by a family member, a victim advocate or other person providing assistance or support
  • To submit a victim impact statement (orally or in writing) to the Court explaining the harm caused by the crime
  • To have assistance claims to the Crime Victims Compensation Program


Restitution is out of pocket loss suffered by the victim as a result of a delinquent act (s): Examples include:

  • Medical Expenses/Ambulence Fees/Dental Fees/ Insurance Co-Pays
  • Property Expenses
  • Replacement expenses for Items Taken

Out of pocket losses need to be submitted to the Victim Advocate by returning the Restitution Claim Form within 15 days of the charges. Receipts and/or bills to establish the exact amount of your loss must accompany the Restitution Claim Form

Be In The Know

As a victim of a crime if you feel you were not treated fairly, you have a right to file a grievance with the Blair County Juvenile Probation Office. All grievances need to be filed in writing within 30 days from the date of the event. The Blair County Juvenile Probation Office will investigate all inquires and attempt to achieve a resolution agreeable to all parties. In event you still believe you were treated unfairly, you have a right to notify the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Victims Rights Compliance at (800)233-2339

Lost Your Forms? We Got You!

Below are forms that have been sent to you that may have been misplaced. Please print these out and turn them into the Victim Advocate by mail at our address on in person from 8AM to 4PM, Monday through Fridays, except major holidays. Thanks for working with the Blair County Victims of Juvenile Crime Program! 


Victim Advocate - Ronda Rimbeck

Blair County

423 Allegheny Street
Suite 424
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648


(814) 693-3230 (Daytime)


 (814) 695-0260