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Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)

ARD allows first time, nonviolent offenders the opportunity to gain dismissal and expungement of their charges.  Expungement can only be gained if the individual successfully completes the program including paying all restitution, costs, fines, and completion of community service.  Entrance into this program is at the discretion of the District Attorney and an individual may only receive ARD once.

ARD Application

Criminal Drug Court Program

Blair County offers a drug court program for eligible offenders whose crimes are directly related to a drug addiction.  


A 36 month program followed by a probationary tail where the offender receives a reduction in incarceration and must complete the 36 month drug court program.  The offender pleads to the criminal charges, which will serve as convictions.


An 18 month diversionary drug treatment program that, upon successful completion, allows for the dismissal and expungement of most charges.  This program is segregated into high-risk participants and low-risk participants.

Disposition In Lieu Of Trial (DILOT)

Disposition in lieu of trial or criminal punishment is a statutory program for individuals charged with nonviolent crimes and who claim to be drug dependent and prior to trial request appropriate treatment.  This program requires a recommendation from a physician trained in the field of drug dependency or drug abuse. Upon successful completion of the program, individuals receive a dismissal of their charges. An individual may only receive disposition in lieu of trial or criminal punishment once. Entrance into this program is at the discretion of the District Attorney.

DUI Treatment Court

Blair County offers a DUI treatment court for eligible offenders whose number and severity of DUI crimes are directly related to a drug or alcohol addiction.  Eligible offenders' sentences normally include reduced incarceration and inpatient treatment.

Probation Without Verdict (PWOV)

Probation without verdict is a statutory program which allows a qualified individual charged with certain nonviolent crimes under Title 35 to plead guilty or nolo contendere in exchange for a term of probation.  Upon fulfillment of the terms and conditions of probation, the charges are dismissed and do not count against the individual's criminal record.  An individual may only receive probation without verdict once.



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