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Alert Blair County

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers 

 Question: Do I need to enter my home telephone number if my service is through my local phone company?
 Answer: No, listed and unlisted land line telephone numbers are already included in the database and do not need to be registered.  The system utilizes the telephone company's 911 database and is able to contact land-line telephone numbers, whether listed or unlisted.
 Question: What is the purpose of this system?
 Answer: Blair County has implemented an emergency mass notification system that will be used to contact County residents and businesses via recorded phone messages, text messages or e-mail messages in case of emergency.
 Question: How does the system work?
 Answer: The system will be used by the County's Emergency Operations Center to notify residents and businesses of emergencies or critical situations and provide information regarding necessary actions, such as evacuations.    If the call is picked up by an answering machine, the system will leave a recorded message.  If the number called is busy or does not answer, the system will redial the number in an attempt to deliver the message.  The system is also TTY/TDD compatible.
 Question: What type of phone numbers need to be registered into the notification system?
 Answer: Because the system uses the 911 database, only land-line numbers are automatically included in the system.  If you have a cellular or Voice over IP number and would like to be notified on that device, or if you would like an e-mail notification, you must register those telephone numbers and/or e-mail address by completing the registration form on the registration page.
 Question: How does the system know the area of my mobile phone number?

The system uses geomaping technology and each telephone number and/or e-mail address can only be associated with one fixed street address in the system.


What is my username for the online registration system?

 Answer: Your username is the e-mail address you used in the registration process.