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Frankstown, in Frankstown Township, is one of the oldest communities in Blair County. Named after Frank Stevens, who operated a trading post nearby, the junction of the Juniata and the Kittanning Trail became a noted gathering and commercial center in the 1730s before being gradually abandoned in the following decade as fur trading opportunities arose elsewhere.

 It became reoccupied in the 1780s, when militia erected a blockhouse at Frankstown, and in June 1781 militia troops engaged British-inspired Seneca Indians nearby. Several men were killed and captured before the tribesmen withdrew.

Following the Revolutionary War, Frankstown developed into a major regional trade center; in 1820 it stood astride the Huntingdon, Cambria, and Indiana Turnpike and contained 20 homes, as well as a tannery, a sawmill, a gristmill, and several distilleries. Later selected as the western terminus of the Juniata Division of the canal, Frankstown surrendered that distinction after a resident refused to sell land for the project.


1.      What is an interesting or unusual thing about your community?

Frankstown Township has a long history in Blair County dating back to the 1730’s. This included a trading post, a blockhouse erected by the militia following the Revolutionary War as well as the Township developed into a major regional trade center.  In 1820, it stood astride the Huntingdon, Cambria, and Indiana Turnpike and contained 20 homes as well as a tannery, sawmill, gristmill and several distilleries.

Today, Frankstown Township offers residents a wide variety of residential house developments, rural residential living, recreational opportunities as well as commercial land development within the Brownfield site.

2.      Why is your community a great place to live and work?

Frankstown Township offers its residents a no real estate tax community that has provided many residential housing development opportunities.  The Township is conveniently located adjacent to the county seat of Hollidaysburg and within 10 minutes of the urbanized area of Altoona and its amenities.  Frankstown Township is also within 40 minutes of the Pennsylvania State University and within 2 hours of Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

3.      Where are the popular water-recreation places in your community?  What goes on there?

Canoe Creek State Park and the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River. 

Fishing, boating, picnicking, camping, hiking and swimming are popular at Canoe Creek State Park.  Fishing and boating are popular on the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River.

4.      Are there any water quality improvement projects on public land that community members can visit and might know about?


5.      Have there been any collaboration activities with local watershed (or other) groups in recent years that you would like the community residents to know about?