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Preliminary Questions in Custody



The following questions may be helpful to you in deciding if and what custody action you may decide to file in Blair County:


1.  Is there a custody order regarding the child in this or any other County or State?  Existing custody orders must be listed in any new custody filing.


2.  Where has the child lived for the last 6 months?  If the child has not lived in Blair County for the last 6 months, the Blair County Courts may not have authority to hear the case.


3.  Are you and the other parent in agreement regarding the custody situation?  A custody agreement may be filed as an initial filing or at any time during the custody process and usually does not require the parties to participate or appear for any court proceeding.


4.  Do you have “standing” to file for custody?  Parties other than the natural parents have only limited circumstances in which they may file for custody.



The Custody Office Staff cannot provide legal advice.  If you are uncertain as to the answers to these or any other questions, please contact an attorney for legal advice.