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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What does the Controller’s Office do?

We basically handle the accounting for the county. Along with writing the checks for outstanding bills, we maintain the General Ledger and implement the yearly budgets. We also handle the payroll and insurance for county employees, and take care of the retirement calculations and pensions.

2.   How many years of service do you need to retire from the County?

20 years of service at age 55 or any amount of years of service at age 60.

3.   What are the qualifications for free Blue Cross for the employee who retires?

Free Blue Cross for any employee meeting the following qualifications:

20 years of service at age 55
12 years of service at age 60
Everyone has to go off of the County's Blue Cross Plan at age 65.

4.   For employees retiring, what are the terms of the Sick Time Buyback?

Employees that have 20 years of service and age 55 or any amount of service and age 60 or greater. Upon retirement, 50% of a qualified employees's accrued, unused sick days, up to a maximum of 300 days, will be bought back by the County at the employee's daily rate of pay at the date of retirement or at last full-time employment with the County.

5.   How many years of service does an employee need to be eligible to vest their money in the retirement plan should they resign from the County?

After having completed 5 years of County service, the employee is considered to be 100% vested.

6.   When is an employee eligible for Disability Insurance?

After being off work 14 days due to illness, full-time emplyees are eligible for $115 a week Disablity Insurance up to a maximum of 26 weeks as long as the doctor keeps certifying that you are not able to return to work.

7.   What kind of Life Insurance does the county offer?

For full-time employees, the Life Insurance is $20,000 up to the age of 70. At age 70, Life Insurance drops to $10,000 for full-time employees. Employees that retire from the County have the option of staying on the County's Life Insurance. The retirees Life Insurance is $5,000 and costs $12.00 per year.

For more information contact:
Name:  Bonnie Young
Title:  Administrative Assistant
Office:  Controller's Office
Firm:  County of Blair
Address:  423 Allegheny St. Ste. 141
Hollidaysburg, PA
Voice:  (814) 693-3040
Fax:  (814) 693-3197