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Q:   When are the Downtown LIVE! concerts?

A.   For 2017 summer: May 25, June 15, July 20, August 17 and September 7.

Q:   When is the annual Summer Farmer's Market?

A:   Farmer's Market and Crafts Fair for 2017:  Tuesdays from 11:30 to 4:30 pm beginning on July 11 through September 26.

Q:   When are the summer concerts held at the Canal Basin Park?

A:   Summer concerts sponsored by the Hollidaysburg Area Arts Council and the Wolf-Kuhn Foundation are scheduled for various dates. Please bring your seat.  Admission is free. See Borough Calender for dates.  The Community Band also schedules its concerts there. See the Borough Calender.

Q.   When is the Pumpkin Festival?

A.   Saturday, October  14, 2017  10 am until 4 pm. Call the HCP Office/ Main Street Manager at 696.0544 for info.

Q:   Do you know when Trick or Treat night is?

A:   TBA

Q:   Do you know when the Halloween Parade will be held?

A:   The Phoenix Volunteer Fire Department usually schedules the parade for the last Saturday of October.  Call the Fire Department at 695-0521 for details.    www.phoenixvfd.org

Q:   Do you know when the Christmas Parade is and when Light up Night is?

A:   Sunday November 21, 2017 at 2 pm for the parade.  Light Up Night is Friday, November 24, 2017. 5 to 7 pm. Small Business Saturday activities are scheduled for Saturday, November 25, 2017.


Q:   What are the Borough's hours of operation?

A:   The Borough office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.  The Hollidaysburg Police Department is open Monday through Friday from 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. You may contact the Police Department by calling 695-3711 for non-emergency calls.

Q:   Do I need to have a permit to have a garage or yard sale?

A:   No, no permit is needed.  However, please make sure to remove the advertising signs when the sale is over. NO SIGNS of any type are permitted to be placed on trees or utility poles nor in the Borough's right of way.  Call Code Officer Pat Rabits for more info at 814 695-3880.

Q:  Am I permitted to burn in the Borough?

A:   Yes, but ONLY on Saturdays ONLY between 7:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. Fire should be out by 11:00 A.M. No recyclables or garbage may be burned.  You cannot burn brush. (Burning of brush is a violation of PA state law.) Please check to see if there is a burning ban in effect before starting any outdoor burning.

Q:   Is the Borough picking up yard waste? 

A:   Spring Brush Pickup begins on April 3 (Monday) and April 4 (Tuesday) 2017 and continues through TuesdayMay 23, 2017.  Pickup is on the east of Penn Street on Mondays and the west of Penn Street including Holliday Hills on Tuesdays. Throughout that time, Borough workers will pick up and haul away all compostable waste such as: dead leaves, dead plant material, tree and brush trimmings and branches up to 3” in diameter and 6’ in length. Bagged items: Leaves, grass, and twigs can be bagged. Bags are to be paper for recycling (no plastic bags). Bags should be filled no more than 2/3 full. Bags should not weigh more than 50 lbs. Do not tape or staple bags. Bundled items:  Brush and twigs may be bundled. Bundles must be tied with twine (no wire). Bundles should weigh no more than 50 lbs. Items not bagged or bundled according to these standards will not be picked up.  Missed items will not be picked up until the next scheduled pickup day! Do not call the Borough to advise that you were missed.  Wait until the next week and make sure that your items are bundled correctly and curbside by 7 am of the day of your scheduled pickup.

Q:   How do I Know if I need to have a building permit or a zoning permit to do work on my property  in the Borough?

A:   Prior to starting any project, you should have any proposed work reviewed by the Building Code Official Patrick Rabits. Please call 814 695-3880 for more information. Most work will require a permit of some type.Zoning/BuildingPermit Application

Q:   Where may I make my water and sewer payments?

A:   You may make these payments on the first floor of the Municipal Building at 401 Blair Street in the Water Department, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  There is a drive up drop off box located on the rear of the Municipal Building on Market Square Alley, for after hours drop off.  You may also sign up for Automatic Payment by requesting an application at the Water Department or printing one from this webpage. Go to Automatic Payment application.

Q:   How do I know if there is a Borough Ordinance regarding a certain subject?

A:   The Borough's Code of Ordinances is published on this web page.  The Zoning Ordinance is Chapter 27 of the Borough Code of Ordinances.

Q:   How do I know which Zoning District I live in? 

A:   The Zoning Map is located on this Webpage.   Zoning Map

Q:   Are there regulations regarding the installation of swimming pools in the Borough?

A:   The Borough has established buidling codes and safety guidelines according to the Uniform Construction Code that regulate the installation of temporary swimming pools as well as permanent pools. Contact the Office of Community Development in the Municipal Building at 695.3880 to obtain further information regarding permits and guidelines for safety. The fee for a pool permit is at least $25.00.

Q:   When and where does Borough Council meet?

A:   Borough Council meets on the SECOND Thursday of each month at 7:00 P.M. (unless otherwise advertised.) in Council Chambers on the first floor of the Municipal Building at 401 Blair Street. Meetings are open to the public.

Q.   Who picks up the trash in the Borough? Do I have to hire a trash hauler?

A.   Yes, this is required by ordinance. You must hire your own trash hauler.

Q.  Do I have to recycle in the Borough?

A.   Yes, recycling is required in the Borough.  You may co-mingle your items. Your hauler will pick them up for you.  Bins are free for the first two and $6.00 per each additional, available at the Police Department. Lids are available also.  First one is free, additonal are just $2.00 each.  When  residents move from the Borough, they are requested to turn the recyclable bin back in to the Borough Police Department.

Q:   Does the Borough have a municipal newsletter?

A:   Yes, the publication is called The Town Crier and is produced and available online 5 times per year.  The newsletter contains much useful information for Borough Residents regarding ordinances, requirements such as zoning and building permits, services, news, and events within the Borough.  Register your email by sending a request to: TownCrier@hollidaysburgpa.org

Q:   How do I know if my house is in the Historic District?

A:   There is a Zoning Map that outlines the Historic District on this website.  If you are unsure about whether or not your home is in the district or not, please contact the Borough at 695.7543. A "historic plaque" is not an indicator of whether or not a house is in the Historic District.  Do not make any exterior renovations until you have this information and a valid permit. Historic District Map.

Q:     What is a COA?

A:      A Certificate of Appropriateness; which is granted by Borough Council following a positive HARB recommendaiton to perform exterior improvements to a building located within the Historic District building.  The fee is $20, in addition to a zoning permit (also $20.00 for repair and replace projects) is required for the imporvements and that fee may vary by type of improvement.  The COA may be $40.00 in total for repair and replace projects, or more depending on the project.

Q:   Who do I contact about using the Legion Park for picnics, etc.?

A.:   Joseph Dodson at 814 931-2341

Q:   Are any Borough forms available online?

A:   Yes, they are available to be printed in PDF from this site.  Use the link from the TOP navigation bar; Online Forms, on the homepage.

Q:    How do I volunteer to be on any of the Borough's Boards and Commissions?

A:   Prospective volunteers may fill out a Volunteer Interest Form available on this webiste and also from the Manager's Office at 401 Blair Street.  Attach a resume with the form and return it to the Borough Secretary, Patricia J. Duron.

Q:   How do I find out about the Performing Arts Pavilion at the Canal Basin Park and the Pavilion at Chimney Rocks Park?

A:   Please call the Manager's Office at 695.7543 to rent any of these facilities.  Rental form for the Canal basin Park performing arts pavilion can be found on this website under forms online.

Q:   What do I do if I have to report a sewer backup or water break after hours?

A:   Please call 695.7543 if you have an afterhours problem and you will be prompted to leave a message for the oncall supervisor who will return your call and be of service to you promptly.

Q:   Does the Borough have a Main Street Manager and where is the office located?

A:   Yes, Shalen Perehinec is currently holding this position and the office of the Hollidaysburg Community Partnership is located on the second floor of the Municipal Building at 401 Blair Street. The number is 814 696.0544. www.hollidaysburg.org Email is partnership@hollidaysburg.org