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Blair County > Hollidaysburg Borough
James Gehret, Borough Manager
401 Blair Street
814 695-7543 
Patricia J. Duron, Borough Secretary
401 Blair Street
814 695-7543 x 301
Patrick Rabits, Office of Planning & Zoning/Code: 401 Blair Street
814 695-3880



 Administrative Assistant (Vacant)
814 695-7543



W/S Office Manager (Vacant)
814 696-0623
Sarah Crist, Finance, Water & Sewer Billing
401 Blair Street
814 696-0623
Rick Pope Director of Community Facilities; Director of Water Department
814 695-7543 (office)
Jim Hoover, Assistant Public Works
814 695-7543 (office)
Frank B. Hicks, Jr., Director of Wastewater Operations
814 695-7543 (office)
Frank Hicks, Jr., Pretreatment Coordinator,  Director Wastewater Treatment Operations
814 695-7543 (office)
Mayor John P. Stultz, Jr.
401 Blair Street
814 695-8834 
David Gehret, Chief of Police
401 Blair Street
814 695-3711 
Non - Emergency Police Calls
814 695-3711 
Dave Zeek, Fire Marshal
107 Walnut Street
814 696-4154
Donna Carson, Tax Collector
223 Bedford Street (office)
814 696-4684
Phoenix Volunteer Fire Department
206 Wayne Street
814 695-0521
Main Street Manager  
401 Blair Street, Second Floor
814 696-0544

Joseph A. Pompa Ward 1 207 Hickory St.   



814 693-1819



Joseph R. Dodson Ward 2 522 Wayne St.

814 695-4657

no email address 

 Patrick Plummer, Ward 3 510 Allegheny St.                  


814 695-4370


Sean M. Burke, Ward 4, 901 Walnut St.


814 283-2000 (W) ward4@hollidaysburgpa.org
Mark L. Shawley Ward 5    1309 Walnut Street 814 695-4170



Stephanie Wertz Ward 6    318 Bedford Street 814 696-3882 ward6@hollidaysburgpa.org
Jeffrey J. Ketner Ward 7    1208 N. Juniata Street 814 414-9850



The Municipal Building is located at 401 Blair Street and is open for business Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. The Police Department's Communications Department is open from 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. After 11:00 P.M.,  call 695-7543 and you will be prompted through a voice mail message how to proceed to report emergencies or to leave a message for someone. Police Emergencies Call 911.