Blair County Prison

All Concerned:

Inmate Family and Friends visiting schedule:

Visiting Times:  A Unit: Monday 5-6:00PM; B,C,G Unit's: Monday 3-5:00PM, Tuesday 10AM-12PM, Wednesday 8-10AM, Saturday 6-8PM; Sunday 8-10PMD Unit:  Monday 10AM-12PM, Tuesday 6-8:00PM, Wednesday 3-5:00PM, Saturday 1-3:00PM; Sunday 10AM-12PM; E Unit:  Monday 1-3:00PM, Tuesday 8-10:00AM, Wednesday 6-8:00PM, Saturday 3-5:00PM, Sunday 1-3:00PM; H and J Unit:  Monday 8-10:00AM, Tuesday 8-10:00PM, Wednesday 10AM-12:00PM, Saturday 8-10:00PM, Sunday 3-5:00PM; F and I Unit:  Monday 8-10PM, Tuesday 3-5:00PM, Wednesday 1-3:00PM; Saturday 10AM-12PM; Sunday 8-10:00AM; K Unit:  Monday 6-8:00PM, Tuesday 1-3:00PM, Wednesday 8-10:00PM, Saturday 8-10:00AM, Sunday 6-8:00PM K Unit Protective Custody:  Monday 12-1:00PM, Sunday 5-6:00PM;  K Unit RHU InmatesSaturday 5-6:00PM;  Protective Custody:  Tuesday 5-6:00PM; Wednesday 5-6:00PM; Saturday 12-1:00PM​

Thank you for your patience and understanding as this pandemic continues to unfold.


Abbie L Tate



419 Market Square Alley
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

Phone: 814-693-3155

Fax: 814-695-0101