About the District Attorney

​​The Honorable Richard A. Consiglio

Richard A. Consiglio has been an attorney since 1970  and a prosecutor in the Blair County District Attorney's Office for several decades.  He has been the elected District Attorney since 2005.  During his career as a prosecutor, Rich has tried hundreds of cases before juries, including prosecutions for child abuse, drug crimes, and murder.

Rich's homicide convictions include William Thompson, Shawn Allen, Tracy Stevenson, Lavelle R​ichardson, Miguel Padilla, William Wright, Andre Staton and Jason Sanders.  Wright, Staton, and Padilla are currently on death row.  Rich as prosecuted and convicted numerous child abusers, physical and sexual.  He obtained one of the longest sentences in the history of Blair County for a child rapist.  Rich has personally tried five death penalty cases.  Rich convicted John Ray for attempting to kill police officers.  Rich also convicted Adam Hardin for perpetrating the Hollidaysburg water scare from the Blair County Prison.  A top priority for Rich and his Assistant District Attorneys is combating drug dealers at all levels of the law, from obtaining convictions to seizing their property.  Rich is determined to eliminate the profit of their crimes

Under Rich's direction, the District Attorney's Office is aggressively seeking remittance of bail monies from Defendant's who, while awaiting trial at liberty on bail, commit other crimes.  He has a close working relationship with law enforcement and Operation Our Town.  Prior to becoming full-time District Attorney, Rich practiced in many different areas of the law.

Rich attended undergraduate school at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from Duquesne Law School in 1970.  He has been married since 1968, has two daughters, and five grandchildren.  He is a coach for the high school girl's basketball team for Guilfoyle in Altoona.  Rich is a member of the Bishop Guilfoyle Ring of Honor and received an award from Blair County Precious Life for standing up to the Blair County Courts on behalf of the unborn.  rich is also an active Catholic Lector at Mass, at St. John's Catholic Church in Lakemont.