Controller's Office


Controller's Office

The Office of Controller is governed by the County Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  It is responsible for the management and administration of the fiscal affairs of the county as set forth by the County Commissioners.  The Controller is elected by county voters every four years.

The Controller's Office functions as a service provider for all county departments.  The office maintains the general ledger, processes accounts payable and payroll, all subject to the approved budget.  Additionally, the office is responsible for filing all federal, state and local tax reports.

As Secretary of the Blair County Retirement Board, the controller maintains all retirement records, provides estimated quotes for those considering retirement and process all retirement documents.  The office also manages all retirement benefits for current members and retirees.

The Controller also functions as secretary of the County Salary Board and the County Prison Board.

The controller is responsible for the internal audit function.  Internal audits assess the adequacy of controls, legal and contractual compliance and good business practices.  The annual external audit, conducted by the county's independent auditor, is coordinated and supported by the Controller's Office.



423 Allegheny St. Ste. 141
Hollidaysburg, PA
Voice: (814) 693-3040
Fax: (814) 693-3197

A.C. Stickel IV, Controller

Angela Wagner, Chief Deputy

Tammy Leaper, Second Deputy

Don Wertz, Accountant

Marie Wentz, Administrative Accounting Assistant

Wendy Long, Administrative Assistant