Blair County Retirement Board



The County of Blair offers retirement to full time employees under Pennsylvania Act 96.  This is a defined benefit plan administered by the Blair County Retirement Board. Members of the board include the 3 commissioners, the controller and the treasurer. 

Full time employees (those working more than 1,000 per year) are required to contribute 5% of their gross wages which accrue with interest until retirement or withdrawal.  The County invests annually determined contributions to help fund future benefits.

For more information, please contact the Administrative Assistant in the Controller's office



423 Allegheny St.       Ste. 141
Hollidaysburg, PA
Voice: (814) 693-3040
Fax: (814) 693-3197

A.C. Stickel IV, Controller

Vacant, Administrative Assistant - Retirement Administrator 

(814) 693-3039